Welcome to Crash Cribbage!

Crash Cribbage is an old game with a new twist!

Crash Cribbage introduces a new level of strategy and excitement by allowing the score pegs to interact, while preserving the traditional card playing rules of the 400-year-old game, Cribbage. Experienced Cribbage players will love the added challenge and Cribbage rookies will be hooked even quicker!

Crash Cribbage Board

Two games in one!

Traditional Cribbage lovers can turn the board over for a quick game. You get two games for the price of one. Cribbage lovers will appreciate the traditional style twin-track Cribbage game on the back of Crash Cribbage.

Traditional Cribbage Board


As you can see from the picture, Crash Cribbage has a unique figure-8 design. All players start in the “start” holes and choose the direction they wish to peg. You may end up pegging in the same direction or in the opposite direction of the other players.

The real excitement starts when you bump into or “crash” another player’s peg. If you hit your opponent’s tail peg, you will send it forward; if you hit your opponent’s head peg, you will send it backward. This greatly enhances the strategy involved in the pegging phase of the game.

The card play is exactly the same as traditional Cribbage and the track is exactly 121 holes.

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